Episode 8 – Nintendo Switch Event and Microsoft Hololens

By some miracle, Dave managed to get an invite to the Toronto Nintendo Switch event. But by the time he clicked through to confirm his attendance, the event had already been filled up? Why?!

Mitch got to try out the Hololens recently, and gives his thoughts on it.

All this and more on this episode of Flogging a Dead Podcast.

Episode 7 – Happy New Year!

Flogging a Dead Podcast is back, and this time, with two guests!

Mitch and Dave are joined by Jake, the writer/narrator of Five Fun Film Facts, as well as their good buddy Harrison who also happens to have written a couple of Five Fun Facts episodes.

How much information do you give to companies like Facebook and Google without thinking about it? We discuss.

Of course, we also talk a little bit about the Nintendo Switch, as we always do.

All this and more on Flogging a Dead Podcast.


Episode 6: Nintendo Switch Patents and Paying it Forward

On this episode of Flogging a Dead Podcast, Dave and Mitch talk about Nintendo for the most part, as usual.

There was some big Nintendo Switch news this past week, as the US patent office has released all of their Switch related patents. This doesn’t confirm anything, but it sure makes for some interesting discussion with regards to possible Nintendo Switch features.

A new Star Wars movie came out this past week! Mitch saw it, Dave didn’t. Mitch tries to comment on it without spoiling it for everybody listening.

Mitch continues to suck at Ocarina of Time. At this point, he’s made it to the Fire Temple for the first time. Dave happens to be an expert on the subject.

The podcast is plagued by a technical issue that causes them to lose their main camera (the technical issue was Mitch didn’t make sure the camera was plugged in.) Fortunately, there’s a backup camera!

Does “paying it forward” at Tim Horton’s actually improve everyone’s day? Mitch gets cynical.

All this and more Flogging a Dead Podcast!

Episode 5 – Spiderman, Pebbles, and ROBOT OVERLORDS??

Another week, another episode of Flogging a Dead Podcast! Can Dave and Mitch go an entire hour without talking about the Nintendo Switch? There’s only one way to find out.

The Nintendo Switch made it’s debut on either Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel’s late show (can’t tell them apart) and revealed a couple of little exciting details about the console. It’s now confirmed that the dock has no processing power, and the console itself is all in the tablet. Mitch and Dave talk about it.

There’s a new Spiderman trailer out. Will we¬†have ANOTHER Spiderman origin story on our hands? Probably not. Dave explains some comic book stuff to the less comic inclined Mitch.

PewDiePie said that he was going to delete his channel once he surpassed 50 million subscribers. Did he do it? Of course not.

Believe it or not, Pokemon GO still exists, and has received a few new features. Mitch fills us in.

Dave and Mitch close by talking the future. That is, a bleak future where the robots have taken all our jobs. Starting with the new kind of cashier-less store Amazon has cooked up.

All this and more on this weeks episode of Flogging a Dead Podcast!