Episode 1 – Flogging a Dead Podcast: Nintendo Switch and Playstation VR

Dave and Mitch talk about the Nintendo Switch, Playstation VR and more!

Mitch and Dave kick off Flogging a Dead Podcast: the only podcast that fearlessly talks about all of the stuff podcasts already talk about. We ramble about things like the Skyrim, the Playstation VR, and of course, the Nintendo Switch. Give it a listen!

While on a hopeless journey to find a NES Classic Mini, Dave and I stumbled across a Playstation VR demo at the EB Games. We tried it out, and besides a few hardware issues, it’s surprisingly usable, and the Arkham VR demo was cool! We however have reservations about the price and the amount of setup needed.

I (Mitch) who am historically a big Apple fanboy give my two cents on the Macbook announcement from last week. USB-C is objectively the way of the future, but being unable to use any USB device without an adapter while the rest of the world catches up is not a compromise worth making.

All this and more on the first episode of Flogging a Dead Podcast!

Download the MP3!

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