Episode 3 – Reddit Drama, Canada Drama and Black Friday

Mitch and Dave try not to talk about politics too much.

On this episode of Flogging a Dead Podcast, Dave and Mitch predictably talk about Pokemon again. Not much else to say about that. They go on to talk about a lot of Canadian things.

If you’re not a Canadian, you’re probably ignorant to the fact that we totally get completely fucked over for our cell phone plans, and don’t have a way around it. That is, until our glorious savoir Wind Mobile burst onto the scene offering an unlimited data plan for less than 30 bucks. Only issue being: their service is awful because they have to build all of the network infrastructure themselves. They recently were bought out big a much bigger company called Shaw, and are introducing LTE service. Mitch is mad because he isn’t getting grandfathered into it, and would have to upgrade his plan to something more expensive. Listen to Mitch bitch.

The Reddit CEO made a boo boo when he edited a user’s comment, calling into question the integrity of the whole site as a reliable platform for information. Mitch catches us up on the drama.

Our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may have been a little too soft on his official statement of Cuban dictator Fidel Casto’s death. He went as far to say he consider’s his father to be a close friend of Mr. Castro’s, in a statement that Justin mean’t to be on behalf of all Canadians. Sometimes, that guy….

Snapchat spectacles are now a thing: a pair of shades that can also take video of what you’re currently seeing. Dave and Mitch try to wrap their 23 year old minds around a concept that probably should be intended for millennials, but seems to still be lost on them.

Up until recently, Black Friday wasn’t really a big thing in Canada like it is in the states. In the past couple years or so, we have seen a surge in Black Friday adverts for Canadian shops. Mitch and Dave talk about Black Friday in Canada as it compares to Black Friday in the States.

All this and more on this weeks episode of Flogging a Dead Podcast!

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