Episode 4 – Game Awards, Zelda Trailer and MURDER?

Dave and Mitch discuss self driving cars.

On this episode of Flogging a Dead Podcast, Dave and Mitch break new ground by talking about the new Pokemon games and the Nintendo Switch again. Just kidding.

Naughty Dog made some cool announcements. There’s going to be a Last of Us: Part II, because why not? There’s also going to be some new Uncharted 4 DLC.

Nintendo is going to have it’s own area at Universal theme parks. That is one hell of a good idea. Dave wants a Zelda dungeon, Mitch wants a Luigi’s Mansion haunted house.

Mitch then brings up self driving cars, and him and Dave discuss the future of automotive transportation to the best of their knowledge.

Dave then gets overly excited about a murder story, and proceeds to talk about Canadian murder stories for about 20 minutes. Hey, we never said this podcast was going to be all fun and games.

All this and more on the fourth installment of Flogging a Dead Podcast.